Manitoba Commodity Organizations

Manitoba Commodity Organization Amalgamation Proposal

Facilitation of proposed commodity group merger to strengthen farmer voice in Manitoba

Five commodity organizations in Manitoba, representing over 8,000 growers and six field crops, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore a potential merger. With an estimated overlap of 80% farmer members, a merger would and provide a united voice among organizations with common goals and priorities, and increase operational efficiency. Crop research and agronomy along with market development activities would continue to be the main focus and mandate of a merged organization.

Working with a steering committee representing each of the organizations, Synthesis undertook activities that would guide the development of an amalgamation proposal. We surveyed farmer members for input on the proposal and set up a dedicated website and email address to gather feedback. Consultation meetings led by Synthesis tackled topics related to direction, identified how a combined organization could be more effective, and established timelines for member consultations.

The resulting proposal highlights a comprehensive path forward for a merged organization. Continued consultations by Synthesis are helping ensure a unanimous commitment to a farmer-driven process and are expected to lead to the launch of a new amalgamated organization.