Soy Canada

Canadian Soybean Brochure

Multilingual trade relations support

Soy Canada, whose mandate is to promote Canadian soybeans to export markets, required a communications piece to support trade missions and interactions with potential and existing customers.

Soy Canada engaged Synthesis to develop a brochure targeted at soybean crushers and buyers of Canadian soybeans. The task at hand was to not only develop copy and design but to carry out primary research and analysis. Our in-depth knowledge of the soybean sector enabled us to do just that.

The copy and graphics concisely convey the story that Canadian soybeans are sustainably grown with a focus on the customer. Soybean production statistics support the narrative that Canada is a leader in top-quality food-grade soybeans and a growing supplier of commodity soybeans for processing.

As Japan, China, Belgium and France are among the top export destinations for Canadian soybeans, the brochure was produced in four languages – English, French, Japanese and Mandarin.

Travel bans due to COVID-19 were implemented shortly after the brochure was produced. As a result, there were limited opportunities to use the printed brochure with export markets. Fortunately, a digital version of the brochure is available for download from Soy Canada’s website and an email-friendly format is being used to support virtual customer communications.

“Just a brief note to express my appreciation for the effort you invested in this initiative. You have researched and utilized well the available information to produce a brochure that will prove to be a very useful handout when meeting current or potential clients. In short, thank you and best wishes for a project well undertaken and completed.”
~Ron Davidson, Executive Director, Soy Canada