VeriField will change the way you manage production data for your seed and high-value crops. VeriField™ is a single tracking system that organizes your field information and streamlines your processes. The cloud-hosted platform records and stores data input by your scouts, inspectors and growers right in the field. With one point of access for all relevant crop production information, communication is clear and valuable reports can be generated back in the office in just a few clicks.

Get VeriField™ for your high-value seed and IP crops to capture:

  • IP or seed crop production records
  • Field crop scouting reports
  • Seed crop inspection reports
  • Field mapping
  • Isolation tracking
  • Quality assurance data
  • Contract grower management

Why choose VeriField™?

  • Convenience – Growers, inspectors and field scouts can enter and sync data in the field through a mobile application, reducing the need for paperwork in the office.
  • Ease of use – Data is entered by crop growth phase, making input easy. No more overwhelming data forms to complete.
  • Customization – Dropdown menus can be customized for your operation, which simplifies data entry and reduces chance of error and duplication.
  • Tracking accuracy – VeriField eliminates the guesswork by allowing users to track crop inspector and scout movement in the field, mark tent locations, isolation distance and more.
  • Efficiency – Streamlined information in one tracking system enhances communication and supports decision-making with timely reports.
  • Security – Multiple levels of security protect your stored data. Administrators can easily set and adjust user access and permissions.
  • Robust reporting – Reports are generated quickly and accurately on the Report Dashboard and can be exported for further analysis.

For more information or a demo, contact Michael Black