What about Wheat?

Canadians aren’t eating as much wheat as they used to. The rise of gluten-free and low carb diets has highlighted the need for accurate science-based information about wheat nutrition. That’s why an industry-led campaign, What About Wheat? was developed, to provide positive wheat nutrition information to consumers.

What About Wheat? is a science-based education campaign that fills the information gap and dispels misinformation around wheat nutrition. All communication and materials are based on up-to-date research that is vetted by our Scientific Advisory Council. What About Wheat? speaks to consumers both directly through social media and through resources created for dietitians and nutrition professionals.

Goals for the campaign include brand awareness, increased consumer knowledge of the nutrition of wheat-based foods and meaningful partnerships with dietitian influencers that will carry the message forward to consumers in the future.

The heart of the campaign is whataboutwheat.ca. This resource has differentiated itself from others as the topics are driven by the needs indicated by Registered Dietitians. The website includes Research Topic pages, Canada’s Wheat Story pages and an FAQ page.

The campaign was launched with a webinar for dietitians and includes targeted social media content. Phase I of the social media strategy focused on dietitians providing them with well-researched, easy to share content for their clients. This strategy introduced What About Wheat? as the go-to resource for accurate science-based wheat nutrition information. Phase II of the social media campaign expanded to the general public with a more playful approach sharing bite-sized nutrition content.

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